How To Prepare For A Hurricane – Procedures That Communities Use

A hurricane is a dangerous storm, so communities must use efficient preparation procedures whenever a hurricane approaches.

Awareness Procedures

Many communities get information about hurricanes from a national weather service. The service lets communities know if conditions will cause hazardous weather. For example, if a thunderstorm is nearby, a national weather service will let communities know when the storm will arrive. The service usually calculates the storm’s distance by hours or miles. The watches are provided by the National Weather Prediction Center. The service also provides information about other watches, such as winter weather watches and flash flood watches. Local forecast offices cover a specific area of a state.


A national weather service commonly issues warning and watches. A warning means that a dangerous storm is approaching the area. It also means that the storm will arrive within a few hours. Local forecast offices provide warnings to each county. The offices also issue hurricane watches and warnings. A hurricane watch is issued whenever a hurricane is 24 to 36 hours away. However, a warning is issued when a storm will arrive in less than 24 hours. Many communities watch or listen to weather broadcasts during emergencies. Understanding the weather terms is important because proper knowledge keeps communities safe.

Preparing For A Hurricane

Families must have a disaster plan. The plan should include information about the community’s hurricane risks. A local emergency management office can provide efficient hurricane information and advice. Communities that are a risk must use other procedures too. For example, some houses may be located in flood areas, so homeowners must contact the zoning office to find out if their homes are at risk. Although flooding can cause problems, they are ways to reduce or prevent water damage. Certain supplies can efficiently protect a home from high flood waters. Homeowners must know their property elevation level based on the locations of nearby water sources because forecasted flood levels could cause problems.

Advice For Homeowners Who Are At Risk

Homeowners who are at risk should contact an insurance agent. Flooding is not covered by homeowners’ polices, so flood insurance will be needed.

A hurricane preparedness plan is also helpful; most communities have their own plans. A local emergency management office can offer information about the plan. The office also provides details about shelters, evacuation routes, and schools closures.

An Evacuation Plan

Homeowners will need an evacuation plan. The plan should have detailed information about where everyone should go after the home is evacuated. Making a plan at the last minute is not recommended because it will cause confusion.

Boat Storage Advice

Boats will gain serious damage during a hurricane, so proper storage procedures must be used. When a hurricane approaches, storages facilities will have tons of boats. Because storage facilities are usually full whenever a hurricane approaches, boat owners should store their boats in advance.

Build A Disaster Supplies Kit

An efficient disaster supplies kit must have hurricane-specific items. Food storage is very important; the kit should have food and water for an entire week. The kit should also have various evacuation supplies.

How Community Homeowners Protect Their Properties

Winds from a hurricane can move items on properties, so homeowners usually bring their valuable items inside their homes. Hurricane winds travel fast, so common items become missiles that can cause property damage or injuries.

Homeowners also trim their shrubs and trees because high winds usually damage them. There are debris collection services in most communities, but they do not offer services shortly before a hurricane approaches. Trimming and removing the limbs in advance is the best option.

Overall, various communities use resourceful emergency procedures during severe weather. However, homeowners should have their own plans too.

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